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A Family Adventure at Go Ape: Our Favourite Spot for Outdoor Fun

Updated: May 28

Curious about swinging by Go Ape but unsure about age limits, essentials to bring, or the activities waiting for you? For families craving wild escapades, Go Ape is the ultimate spot! With nature's thrills, fun challenges, and breathtaking views, it's a family adventure! Seeing our little ones conquer obstacles and explore the world from the treetops is pure magic! With 37 locations spread across the UK, there are always fresh and thrilling adventures ready to be discovered.

Exploring New Heights at Go Ape! Premium Playhunt members benefit from 10% off all activities*

Frequently asked questions

Who is Go Ape aimed for? The youngest age being 1, once able to walk unaided try on the Nets think treehouses, netted walkways, bouncy nets full of inflatable balls ALL 30 feet above the forest floor. Then most activities require you to be over 1 metre, some of our favourites are Treetop Adventure the entry-level high rope experience for younger children, Treetop Challenge Xpress, a high-wire adventure for thrill seekers who want to get their adrenaline-kicks in super quick time and the Forest Segways, a perfect two-wheeled adventure for adults and kids.

What should we wear? Appropriate footwear such as trainers or hiking boots is recommended. Opt for light layers in warm weather and insulating layers in cold conditions, or waterproof clothing when it's raining.

What else should we bring? Pack a spare change of clothes and a towel for any mess. Stay hydrated and energised with food and drinks for before and after your adventure. Don't forget sunscreen, a sun hat, and bug spray for warmer days, as they are handy even during spring and autumn.

Reasons We Embrace Go Ape

Unforgettable Adventures: Every visit to Go Ape is a new adventure, filled with exciting challenges and memorable moments that we cherish as a family.

Bonding Time: The activities at Go Ape promote teamwork and bonding among family members, creating lasting memories that we treasure.

Outdoor Exploration: Amidst a digital era, Go Ape offers a refreshing outdoor experience connecting families with nature.

Thrills and Excitement: From zip lines to Segways, Go Ape provides an adrenaline rush that keeps both kids and adults entertained and eager for more.

Family Benefits

Our visits to Go Ape have highlighted several advantages for families:

Physical Activity: The outdoor challenges at Go Ape encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle for both children and adults.

Skill Development: Kids can enhance their motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and confidence through the various obstacles and tasks at Go Ape.

Reduce Stress: Time spent outdoors and in nature has proven to lower stress and anxiety levels. Immersing ourselves in nature and wildlife revitalises our senses, providing a break from our daily concerns and anxieties.

Nature Appreciation: By immersing ourselves in the natural beauty of the surroundings, we instill a love for nature in our children and foster an appreciation for the environment.

Exploring New Heights at Go Ape! Premium Playhunt members benefit from 10% off all activities*

With Go Ape, every visit is a chance to escape the ordinary and embark on a thrilling journey through the treetops. The laughter, the sense of achievement, and the shared experiences create a tapestry of memories that we, as a family, treasure dearly.

Remember, the best moments are the ones we share with our loved ones. So pack your sense of adventure and head to Go Ape for an experience that is bound to leave you smiling from ear to ear!

*Excludes Saturday and gift voucher purchases



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