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Discover PlayHunt: Our Story and Our Mission

Welcome to PlayHunt, we are thrilled to have you join our community! My husband, Max, and I (Natasha) founded PlayHunt based on our own experiences of struggling to find activities and days out for our two boys, aged 3 and 1.

During my maternity leave, I found it challenging to find suitable activities and groups to attend with my two young children. I spent hours scrolling the internet, trying to come up with new and exciting ideas for the family or just for days when I was alone with the boys. It was exhausting. One day, I mentioned to Max, "Why hasn't someone made this easier for parents?" And that's how PlayHunt was born.

We know first-hand the frustration and mental drain that comes with trying to find places to visit without spending a considerable amount of time researching. Often, it takes away from the experience and results in going to the default options, like the local soft play, playground, or a simple walk. We believe that there must be a better way to find fun activities for families without all the hassle.

So, we created an interactive map that shows your local area with all the activities we've found. The map is categorised by activity, price, age, indoor/outdoor, and dog-friendly. We're also working hard to add an extra filter that will cater to SEND and wheelchair accessibility. We strongly believe in supporting play for everyone and want to make sure everyone feels confident visiting new places with the information they require. We're hoping these categories will be added by Spring—we're currently contacting venues and collecting information.

Our map can also be used for times away from home. We map the entire UK, so if you're on holiday or visiting family and friends, you can use the map to find nearby fun activities! You'll notice more star-shaped icons on the map, which represent partner venues that offer an exclusive PlayHunt offer—so be sure to check them out!

We really hope PlayHunt helps you find fun activities for your family and saves you time and money along the way!



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